Biological Quality of Upper Andean Rivers (CABIRA)

CABIRA stands for Calidad Biológica de los Ríos Altoandinos and is a new application to calculate biological indices in upper Andean rivers. 

CABIRA (Calidad Biológica de los Ríos Altoandinos) is designed to calculate metrics representative of biological quality of aquatic macroinvertabrate communities that live in rivers of the upper Andean range (≥ 2000 m.a.s.l.), and specifically for calculating multimetric indices such as IMEERA (Multimetric Index of the Ecological State of Upper Andean Rivers: Índice Multimétrico de Estado Ecológico de Ríos Altoandinos, Villamarín et al., 2013) This program was developed by the Freshwater Ecology and Management (FEM) group at the Department of Ecologoy of the University of Barcelona (Spain) under the direction of Professor Narcís Prat.

Dr. Villamarin, one of the co-developpers of this program, now works at CIEDI and applies this program in his research.


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