Lines of research

In recent years the Ecuadorian society reached consensus that research is a key promoter for social development. In response, the Ecuadorian government created policies to promote research, development and innovation. The lines of research of the Faculty of Engineering and Agricultural Sciences at the University of the Americas takes into account the priority and mulit- and inter-disciplinary areas that are specified in the National Policy on Science, Technology and Innovation (PNCTI) and the National Plan for Good Living (PNBV).



Lines of research, research programs and themes promoted at FICA for the next 5 years (2013-2017):

General Reference of Line of Research

Research Program

Engineering  Degrees Involved  in FICA

Guidelines for research related to the PNVB

Food sovereignty and agrofood processing

Biotechnology and Plant Health

  • Agroindustrial and Food;
  • Biotechnology; and
  • Industrial Engineering

Promoting sustainable production and productivity.

Agro-industrial production

Biodiversity and natural heritage

Biodiscovery and bioprospecting

  • Agroindustrial and Food;
  • Biotechnology Engineering; and
  • Environmental Eng. Prevention & Remediation

Promoting the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industry, through sovereign, strategic and sustainable use of biodiversity.

Pedology & Mineralogy

Energy and Climate Change

Environmental contamination & remediation 

  • Environmental Eng. Prevention & Remediation

Comprehensive protection and preservation of cultural, natural and public heritage to hazards and risks of natural or anthropogenic origin.

Climate Change Mitigation

Human habitats and risk management

Acoustic Environments

  • Sound and Acoustics

Improving conditions and habitats of people.

Information Technology and Communication (ICT)

Technologies for assisting people

  • Computer Systems and Informatics;
  • Electrical Eng. & Network Communications.

Improving the quality of the provision of attentive services.



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