Lien González Pérez, Ph.D.

Director of Centro de Investigación, Estudios y Desarollo de Ingeniería (CIEDI)

Facultad de Ingenierías y Ciencias Agropecuarias (FICA)
Calle José Queri s/n entre Av. Granados y Av. Eloy Alfaro.
Universidad de Las Américas, Quito, Ecuador.
Phone: 00 593 (2) 3981000, Ext. 823
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Research Interests

I have conducted research in the fields of Plant Pathology, Molecular Plant Biology, Genetics and Biotechnology. My work has focused on the development of diagnostic systems for viruses and viroids of plants employing techniques such as:

  • Immunochemical and molecular biology of plants and pathogens;
  • Development of diagnostic systems for viruses and viroids of plants
  • Characterization of crops of economic interest by molecular markers and analysis of differential gene expression in response to biotic stress;
  • Genetic engineering of plants and bacteria; and
  • Biological validation of plant bio-stimulants.

As a result of this work I have gained experience in the use, implementation and experimental design of:

  • Conventional and real-time PCR,
  • Nucleic acids hybridization both radioactive and non-radioactive,
  • DNA microarrays,
  • Bioinformatics,
  • Plant and bacterial transformation by genetic engineering,
  • Imuno-enzymatic assays,
  • DNA molecular markers,
  • DIC and fluorescent microscopy, among others.

In addition, I am familiar with establishing and conducting national and international projects incl. the supervision and direction of undergraduate and postgraduate students, and in establishing interdepartmental, interdisciplinary relationships within the international academic and scientific community.



Doctor of Philosophy in Agricultural Sciences, specialization in Plant Virology (2000)
Centro Nacional de Sanidad Agropecuaria (CENSA)
San José de las Lajas, Cuba.

Bachelor of Science in Biology (1992)
University of Havana, Faculty of Natural and Exact Sciences, Department of Biology
Havana, Cuba. 

Publications (2009-2014)

Published articles in peer-reviewed journals

  • González-Pérez, L.,  Perrotta, L., Acosta, A., Orellana, E., Spadafora, N., Bruno, L., Bitonti, B.M., Albani, D., Cabrera, J.C., Francis, D. and Rogers, H.J. 2014. In tobacco BY-2 cells xyloglucan oligosaccharides alter the expression of genes involved in cell wall metabolism, signalling, stress responses, cell division and transcriptional control. Molecular Biology Reports,
  • Acosta-Maspons, A., Sepúlveda-García, E., Sánchez-Baldoquín, L., Marrero-Gutiérrez, J., Pons, T., Rocha-Sosa, M., González, L. 2013. Two aspartate residues at the putative p10 subunit of a type II metacaspase from Nicotiana tabacum L. may contribute to the substrate-binding pocket. Planta. 2014; 239(1):147-60.
  • Cabrera, J.C., Wégria, G., Onderwater, R.C.A., González, G., Nápoles, M.C., Falcón-Rodríguez, A.B., Costales, D., Rogers, H.J., Diosdado, E., González, S., Cabrera, G., González, L. and Wattiez, R. 2013. PRACTICAL USE OF OLIGOSACCHARINS IN AGRICULTURE. Acta Hort. (ISHS) 1009:195-212.
  • González-Pérez, L., Vázquez-Glaría, A., Perrotta, L., Acosta, A., Scriven, S.A., Herbert, R., Cabrera, J.C., Francis, D. and Rogers, J.R. 2012. Oligosaccharins and Pectimorf® stimulate root elongation and shorten the cell cycle in higher plants. Plant Growth Regulation. 68:211–221. 
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  • Valdés, M., Hernández, Y., Vázquez-Lobo, A., Piñeiro, D. y González-Pérez, L. 2010.  Diversidad genética de especies silvestres del género  Nicotiana II: Caracterización molecular mediante marcadores RAPD. . 25(3):166-173.
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  • González-Pérez, L., Becker, D., Rodríguez-Medina, N.N., Valdés-Infante, J., Schwarz-Sommer, Z.S. and Rohde, W. 2010. Detection of candidate genes for resistance and plant development in guava (Psidium guajava L.). Acta Hort.


Recent Conference Presentations

  • Cabrera J. C., Napoles M.C., Falcón A., Costales D., Diosdado E., González S., González L ., González G., Rogers H.J., Cabrera G., J. De Winter, P. Gerbaux, Wégria G., Onderwater R., R. Wattiez: Biomass as source of bioactive oligosaccharides for agriculture uses. 9th International Conference on Renewable Resources & Biorefineries (RRB9), Antwerp, Belgium; 06/2013.
  • Cabrera J. C., Napoles M.C., Falcón A, Diosdado E., González S., González L., González G., Rogers H.J., Cabrera G., Wégria, G., Onderwater R., Wattiez R Research in biomass valorization and foresight needs for the sector. Technology Foresight Workshop-RENEW, Gummersbach, Germany April 2013.
  • Cabrera J.C., Wégria G., Onderwater R.C.A., González G., Nápoles M.C., Falcón-Rodríguez A.B., Costales D., Rogers H.J., Diosdado E., González S., Cabrera G., González L., . Practical Use of Oligosaccharins In Agriculture. 10/2012; In proceeding of: I World Congress on the Use of Biostimulants in Agriculture, At Strasbourg, France, Volume: 1009.
  • Orellana, E., González-Pérez, L. and Narváez-Trujillo, A. (2011). Analysis of the interaction RBotrytis cinereaFitopatología Colombiana. 35(1) (Supplemento): 33.






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